About Us

Dedicated to the Craft, Loyal to the Sea, Fisherman to the Core.

When you ask a fisherman or diver why they love the sea...don't listen to what they say. Instead, look into their eyes. Their eyes will tell you everything you need to know. Their eyes will tell you story of Reef Pirate. You see, for a true fisherman, the thought of living on a boat, watching the sun set over the Gulf of Mexico, and then pulling in a grouper as the sun rises over the Atlantic is the ultimate thrill.

For these men and women, they have to walk the line between the pull of the sea and the real world. They stay close to the reef, yet they'd also be happy painting their boats black, raising a pirate flag up the mast and scouring the sea for treasure. These people. They're Reef Pirates. And they choose to wear their love with pride by choosing exclusive Reef Pirate shirts and apparel.

We hope you join us on board and online.